Unlock Your Maximum Potential

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The only stress relief, money & success guide that you will ever need
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A must for children and adults alike who want to attract 
success and abundance in both their personal and professional lives
Here is a selection of my book’s exciting topics:
This book is totally different from any other self-help book you have ever read.
I have included many techniques and therapies that I know work and have combined them with
masses of useful information that I have learnt from my experience.
Here is a selection of the exciting topics my book contains:

Find out who you truly are! You are not just a by-product of your ancestors or childhood
How to learn how to write goals and put them into action and become your own life coach
How to identify and eliminate negative patterns and beliefs and replace with positive ones
How to heal your fears and blocks
How to increase your self-confidence, self-worth, value and esteem
How to de-stress your life FOREVER!
How to help your children pass their exams simply, easily, with minimum effort and top marks
How to ‘fake it until you make it’ so you are vibrating with confidence and success
Learn why you hold onto trauma, anxiety and PTSD and how to eliminate it from your life FOREVER!
How nutrition, diet and exercise is important in self development
How to use homeopathy, herbs and Bach flower remedies to increase intelligence,
self-confidence and turn on your success markers
How to use techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique
to remove trauma, blocks, fears and anything else that is stopping you manifesting the life of your dreams
Learn how to ask your Angels for help and discover how your karma and past lives
may be keeping you stuck
Learn how to program crystals to bring you the career and money you want!
Learn about other techniques and treatments that really work for self-development
Learn to be your own therapist and save money on expensive sessions
And if you are ‘up for it’, have some fun and learn how to cast a spell for money and success!!

E-book £4.99
Printed book £12.99

Available on Amazon