What are “karma and past lives” and how are they affecting your weight today?

Karma and past lives can be connected with times in our present or previous lifetimes where we have caused others harm –
either by our actions or words – or it can be from when others have caused us harm. 
That karma and past life then becomes part of your being and needs to be healed and released,
before you can lose weight and maintain that loss for life. 
These are some examples of past lives that could be causing your weight problem in this life:

Dying of starvation
Dying of thirst

Causing other people to die of malnutrition, starvation, thirst
A job where you need to be large like a Sumo wrestler
In some cultures it is seen to be beautiful to be large and therefore you are worth a lot of money
In some cultures it is normal to be heavier, such as in the South Pacific

We may have chosen to pay back our karma by being overweight: I normally call this ‘the heavy burdens of karma’.
Also being overweight is a great form of ‘punishment’ and ‘suffering’ which our soul may have chosen to redeem our past actions.
If you were told as a child you were ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’ you may feel you need to punish yourself. 
Punishment and suffering programmes are very common in people who have a weight problem.

Money and weight are connected: if you have experienced lack in a past life or in this life,
perhaps lack of money or the inability to hold onto it or save it, it could be manifesting itself
as weight gain in this life.  Your body thinks that it is under threat from ‘lack’
so it will mean you hold onto your weight.