What are patterns, beliefs and blocks?
How are they affecting your life right now?

We all have patterns, beliefs and blocks that affect us every day of our lives! 
Do you feel that you sabotage yourself whenever you are ready to move forward or lose weight? 
Weight loss, for example, isn’t about what you eat
It’s about how you feel, as weight is often protection against the world

A pattern is a program, which is part of your personality, for example:
I am not good enough
I cannot stand up for myself
I take things personally
I always feel criticized
I don’t love myself

Beliefs about ourselves are generally based on things we were told, by parents, teachers and friends, when we were young
These beliefs shape our lives and define who we are
If we try to step outside these beliefs, we sabotage ourselves and end up back where we started!
I am not worthy of money
I can’t earn more than my parents
I will never amount to anything
Employing people is a nightmare
My business will not expand because of the recession

A block is something that is stopping you moving forward and the biggest one of these is FEAR! 
Other blocks are: feeling undeserving, judging yourself and others, feeling guilty and not forgiving yourself
Some of these blocks result from past lives

Of course, patterns, blocks and beliefs all overlap, so I have to be a brilliant detective
I unravel your story, heal them all, and move you forward
Contact me now to begin your journey!