What are Animal Behaviour Sessions and how do they work?
I can work on any behaviour for any animal anywhere in the world!

I have noticed since I have been doing animal communication that when you speak about a problem like barking or lunging,
that the animal improves their behaviour, but only for a short time. It is like asking a person to stop shouting –
they amend their behaviour and then, a couple of days later, they forget! So I have developed unique psychic skills
where I can amend the behaviour of the animal remotely by reprogramming their subconscious. I have had tremendous
success using this method and it is permanent!  This re-configuration is on-going for a month as part of the session.

How Do I Combine Traditional and Psychic Behaviour Training?
Very often owners do not persevere with training their pets and give up too soon or give mixed messages. 
Sometimes the animal is not getting enough exercise and that is why they become bored and chew or cause damage. 
In my book, Animals Have Feelings Too, I give plenty of traditional training techniques and tips. 
I will also ask you to carry out traditional behaviour training as required for both of you as sometimes owners
may need as much training as their pet!

How Does Animal Healing Work?
I can send healing to your animal for any problem or reason
and this is as effective as having the animal in front of me
and without any distractions! 
Animals love healing and are very receptive to it. 
Healing is always sent at the end of sessions.

How Can I Do This All Remotely?
Because I work with a picture and I work psychically, I work from home. 
I do visit clients but find that there are a lot of distractions and usually a nervous owner interrupting and wanting answers!! 
So the animal and I can talk freely and for as long as they want and I prefer to speak to the owner after I have gathered all the information. 
In my view, this is the best way to work and I can then visit that animal anytime in the future for additional healing without having to go to visit them –
also it is cheaper for the owner!

How Can I Help The Owners As Well?
I can help build your confidence when working with your animal – it could be horse jumping or working with your show dog in the ring.
I can help you with training tips and information so that owning your animal is a pleasure!  I can also help you overcome grief when your animal passes. 

An Animal Behaviour Session lasts a calendar month during which we are in weekly contact for updates

Dominance and Aggression
Fear and aggression
Lack of confidence in the show ring for dogs and horses
Lunging especially when on a lead
Biting and mouthing
Fear of loud bangs and fireworks
Grief, clinging and jealousy
Lack of toilet training
Pulling on lead
Nervous and fearful
Too lively or over the top behaviour
Slow to learn and remember training techniques
Jumping up
No recall
Separation anxiety/being left alone
Not socialised with animals or people
Begging for food
Eating poo or inappropriate items

Session details
A session deals with one behaviour issue and is conducted over one month. 
During a consultation your pet will tell me how long it will take to eliminate this behaviour –
it very rarely happens during one month so you must be prepared to pay for sessions for two to three months.
You will send me a picture of your pet and a full background history plus details of the behaviour problem and
what you would like to replace it with.  I will then ask you to email me weekly giving me an update on how the
behaviour is changing so I can then modify my techniques. 
At the end of the month I will email you to discuss the next step.