What is stress and how is it affecting you right now?

Stress is a major 21st century problem and can be a significant contributory factor in many illnesses such as high blood pressure, cancers,
strokes, and it can even cause weight gain because of the stress hormones that are released! 
So if you are putting on weight round your middle you are most probably stressed!! 
You may also be exhausted and suffering from anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

A bit of stress is good for you – you know that when you are working under pressure you get a buzz, work really hard and get the project done on time! 
However, it is when you and your body can’t manage the stress and it builds up that the problems start. 

I help you release your stress and its triggers and show you techniques which will enable you to manage your stress on a day to day basis. 
If appropriate, I will also recommend herbs, vitamins and supplements, and homeopathy, to keep you in tip top shape!  I can also advise on weight gain as well!!