Here are some of the many reasons you can’t lose weight!

Safety – your subconscious could be keeping you safe for some reason. 
Perhaps you were abused or raped when you were young; perhaps when you were slim you received a great deal
of male attention that you didn’t want; perhaps you got pregnant – there are so many reasons.

This is why you hear of people losing 6 stone and then putting it all back on again quite quickly. 
Doctors say this is because they have gone back to their old eating habits but I know that having struggled to lose that weight, you wouldn’t let that happen. 
The real reason is that your subconscious suddenly wakes up in a panic and starts piling the weight on again without you actually realizing it.
If you continue to diet, your subconscious will try another method such as filling you with excess water or slowing down your metabolism. 
I know about this because it happened to me.

Not wanting to do something – perhaps you don’t want to do a particular job or get promotion
so you may put on weight as an ‘excuse’ to be stuck.

You don’t want to be seen – I know this one sounds mad because when you are large you can be seen
but people actually don’t see you or take you seriously so it does work.  Or, if you had been put down as a child, you may add weight so you can’t be seen.

You will lose your identity – you are that big person and you are frightened that if you lose weight people won’t like you and
you won’t recognize who you are. A lot of people who lose weight aren’t always happy because they are still not happy ‘inside’ and being slim doesn’t necessarily alter that.

Body shape – you may have a body shape that means you hold more weight.  

Thyroid & metabolism – 1 in 5 women now have an underactive thyroid and most of these are not picked up by the doctors.
This is when you feel tired and put on weight with no explanation. The medication in the UK, even if it helps with the other symptoms, rarely helps with weight loss. 
I find that homeopathy is the best remedy for this or for a slow metabolism. This will also affect your hormones.

Low self-worth and esteem – If you don’t like yourself you may use your weight to reinforce your low opinion. 

Calories – most people aren’t aware of how much they are eating.  Most people say you don’t have to count calories,
but unless you are on a set plan such as Weightwatchers or Slimming World, you need to know how much you are eating. 
Anybody with a weight problem knows that avocados are better for you than crisps, but if you were to add half an avocado a day to your diet, you would put on weight.
The example of 2,000 calories a day for women is outdated and it should be nearer 1200.  People are also in denial of how much they eat, especially with snacking. 
You can actually double your calorie intake per day with snacks!

Allergies – if you have allergies they may cause you to carry excess weight or water which is impossible to lose.

Negative beliefs – you most probably have masses of negative beliefs about yourself which makes losing weight or maintaining it nearly impossible. 
These are some examples:

I am not worthy of money
I don’t deserve to be slim for life
I will fail if I try to get slim
It will be embarrassing when the weight comes back on
My family is fat so I will be fat
My skin will not snap back
It is too hard to watch what I eat
I don’t over eat
I only have one glass of wine a day

Stuck Emotions – would you be amazed to hear that your extra fat could be stuck emotions such as anger, grief, sadness, loneliness, bitterness and frustration? 
You could also be using your excess weight to ‘get back’ at somebody like your mother or your husband! 
I know that sometimes it doesn’t seem to make sense but your subconscious takes everything literally,
so if you feel overeating or being fat would annoy your mother or husband, you happily oblige! 
Overeating can also be caused by boredom, frustration and because you ‘want to stuff your feelings down’.

Ancestral genes – your family lineage may be heavy but I can help you change all that!