Animal Communication Workshop

Wouldn’t you like to know what your pet thinks of you? 
Wouldn’t you like to build a closer bond between you and your pet?  Well you now can! 

Animal communication allows you to speak to your pet and find out all sorts of fascinating information! 
Do they like their food? Do they have any health problems? And what could you do to make their lives happier? 
It is a wonderful thing to do when you are an animal lover and own pets – and you can even speak to wild animals as well!

If you could use simple healing techniques to help your pets if they are injured or ill, would that make you feel like a more caring owner?
Well the good news is that you can and the techniques are so easy to learn

At an Animal Communication Workshop, you will learn:

How to identify which blocks are stopping abundance
Clearing emotions that stop you receiving money
Using EFT to improve good luck!
Specific tapping points for creating abundance
Specific tapping points for creating success

Cost is £75 per person
If you bring a friend the cost is reduced to £60 per person