What is Psychic Animal Communication?

Wouldn’t you like to know what your pet is thinking or if they have any messages for you?  Well, now you can!  The answer is quite simple. 
By tuning in to the animal, I can telepathically communicate with them and their words are translated into a form I can understand. 
This could be a feeling, a sound, a smell, a sensation, a picture or plain old English words. 
However, I also psychically tune into the animal’s spirit guides as well, where I can get a fuller story and a bigger picture. 
It is a bit like asking a child a question and then asking the parent – the answer can be very different! 

During the animal communication session, the animal will tell me of any health concerns, general information about their role in the family,
whether or not they have a job, and areas of their life that they feel could be improved. We also discuss the owner’s questions and concerns. 
They will tell me why they behave the way they do and about any fears or phobias. 
They also tell me if they need any supplements, additional healing or herbs or homeopathy.
We discuss whether their diet is the correct one for them and they are always very specific about what they like to eat and what their favourite food is!
They will also tell me if they need another therapy such as a chiropractor or if they need to go to the vet.

Because I work from a picture of the pet, I can work with any animal anywhere in the world. 
I then email you with a full report of what your pet said and how to progress. 
We can then discuss the next step using Skype or over the phone.
But the whole process starts with the Psychic Animal Communication session!

Bereavement Counselling
Over the last few years, I have been working with animals and their owners when the animal is ready to pass over. 
I have found that I have a particular gift with this situation and can also help and support the owner afterwards.

When I speak to an animal that is ready to pass they can have many requests. 
These include having pictures of themselves displayed when they were young and healthy, perfumed candles,
music, crystals – or simply spending more quality time with their owners. 
They might want to visit a particular park, woodland or beach or simply meet up with family friends –
especially children from the family that are living away.

Communicating with Animals on the Other Side
I also communicate with animals that have passed onto the other side. 
Very often their owners are looking for messages to comfort them and I am able to supply these. 
Animals are very keen to talk and will relay stories of what they have decided to do next
and how they are watching over their families – very often you will know that your animal
has been visiting as you will feel, hear or smell them!  They love doing this and playing tricks on you!

This is a really amazing experience both for the owner and the animal and brings comfort and closure

Animal Weight Loss Program
As with their owners, a lot of animals are overweight. 
This can be because they are not getting enough exercise, or they are being fed too much or the wrong food. 
A lot of owners are treating their animals as ‘human’ and feeding them on Chinese take-away food or curries! 
All animals need to be fed the food that is good for them!

However, there can be other reasons such as thyroid and metabolism problems, or their food is not being
absorbed properly and they are not getting enough nourishment. 
I am also seeing a lot of pets who are allergic to gluten and the vets are putting them onto rice
which is full of gluten so is making the problem worse!

I psychically tune into the animal to find out why they are putting on weight or not losing it. 
It may be a thyroid problem, they may be using their weight as protection or taking on their
owner’s weight problems (this is quite common) – or simply they may have a breed trait
that gives them a tremendous appetite! This again can be healed using my unique techniques.

As well as healing, I will also offer advice on homeopathy, diet and nutrition.

Session details
Please send me a picture of your pet and a list of 5 questions that you would like to ask them. 
Depending on which session you are booking (i.e. communication, weight loss or bereavement),
I will then use my unique combination of skills to heal the issues
and I may recommend other items like herbs or Bach flower remedies. 
I will then email you a transcript of our session
and this is followed by a 15 minute telephone conversation to answer any queries you may have.