Who am I and how can I help you?

I’m Ann Parker, the STRESS Whisperer

Spiritual Life Coach & Counsellor, Psychic Energy Worker, EFT Practitioner & Teacher
Author, Psychic Animal Communicator & Behaviourist, Homeopath & Healer

I am a former business manager with many years of experience.
This has given me great insight into how the human mind works and how to motivate people! Read my biog here.
Over the years, I have developed a unique combination of skills that I can use to help my clients.
Many personal development books seem to concentrate on a single area.
My 3 amazing self-help books encompass everything you need to heal and succeed!
Stress is one of the biggest problems we face today. I have developed special workshops which will help you transform your life so you can be stress free!
I also offer an in-depth counselling and coaching programme. I help clients by psychically identifying the blocks, patterns, trauma and memories that hold people back. I also use spiritual techniques to heal karma and past life memories which I have found is essential for full healing.