How can I help Children?

Children can also suffer from a lack of belief in themselves and to blocks and patterns.
I aim to reprogram your child with positive beliefs so they can progress and achieve whatever they wish to achieve!
I can help heal the emotions and the reason for your child being bullied
and give them techniques to stop the bullying in the future. 
I can help increase your child’s learning and memory so that exam stress becomes a thing of the past.
I can also show them simple techniques that they can use to handle day to day problems,
and ensure that they don’t grow up with the ‘baggage’ that we adults all have!

I can also help with learning difficulties and ADHD as very often their roots are in negative energy and faulty programming. 
A lot of children are becoming depressed and are being automatically put on strong medication. 
I can help heal depression, anxiety and panic attacks so no medication is needed – thank goodness!

I help with intolerances and allergies which can cause this type of behaviour and recommend a suitable eating plan and supplements. 
Supplements are very important for children, especially when they are not getting the nutrients they need from what they eat.

Obesity is becoming a real problem in children. Using my unique combination of skills,
I can help reprogram your child’s brain for healthy eating and recommend homeopathy where necessary. 
Tools are given for home use to keep them on the straight and narrow!