What is a One-2-One Weight Loss Session?

“I diet and put on weight”.  “However much I exercise it makes no difference”. “I lose weight and then it goes back on again”. “What am I doing wrong?”  
These are the cries I hear from women daily because they are at their wits’ end and don’t know what to do next. 
This is where psychic Weight Loss comes in because you will have lots of hidden reasons why you don’t want to lose weight
and I can identify them and heal them for you! I become a psychic detective!

Don’t be fooled by some of the promises you hear about certain diets or techniques being the only cure for your weight loss. 
As I have had experience of weight problems over the last 60 years, I can tell you there are many facets to your extra weight
and it will take time to understand and heal them.  So I ask you to commit to a minimum 6 sessions to transform your life and your weight – forever!

I was on a diet for my entire life as I was 12lb at birth and just kept getting bigger.  When I first got into healing,
a therapist conducted a “muscle testing” session (where you ask the body for yes or no answers) on me and asked if I wanted to lose weight. 
Can you imagine my surprise when the answer came back as NO! My subconscious had been using the weight as a protection mechanism –
but this turned out to be only one of many reasons why I couldn’t lose weight today.

If you have problems with weight gain today, they could be caused by karma and past lives.Karma Weight Loss
I know if you are not familiar with these terms this can appear strange or frightening but healing these areas are part of your life journey!

What happens in a One-2-One Weight Loss Session?
The first stage is a one hour consultation either by phone, Skype or in person. 
This is where we identify the areas that you wish to work on and, using my unique combination of skills , the ‘releasing’ starts immediately. 
Over the next 7 days, I will be working on you releasing the underlying patterns etc., that are shown to me. 
At the end of the week I then email you with your results and my recommendations for the next session.

I may recommend homeopathy, herbs, supplements and an eating and exercise plan.  I will be asking you to use EFT daily and to keep a journal.

Please bear in mind that one session will not be able to clear all the negative beliefs you have about yourself that have taken a life time to develop. 
Weight loss is a complicated journey and I usually suggest 6 sessions.

How can I work remotely?
Because I can psychically tune in to the areas that need releasing, it is more efficient for me to work either by telephone or Skype. 
This time is spent understanding your needs and what areas in your life you require healing. 
Then, as I work on many different areas, I use my unique combination of skills while you are going about your day
as a healing session is one week in duration.  This is also ideal for you as you won’t have wasted travelling time to appointments and you can work
whilst I am working on you – or you can rest if you prefer and benefit from the additional healing I am sending you!