One-2-One Coaching Programme

I’m Ann Parker
Spiritual Life Coach & Counsellor, Psychic Energy Worker, EFT Practitioner & Teacher
Author, Psychic Animal Communicator & Behaviourist, Homeopath & Healer
The STRESS Whisperer

My mission is to use my skills to help, guide and support people,
especially those suffering with stress, trauma, anxiety or depression,
and to do everything I can to help as many people as possible to live their best lives.
Welcome to my one-2-one remote coaching programme
I can help you learn how to heal in so many areas of your life!

Weight Loss

“I diet and put on weight”.  “However much I exercise it makes no difference”. “I lose weight and then it goes back on again”. “What am I doing wrong?”  
This is where psychic Weight Loss comes in because you will have lots of hidden reasons why you don’t want to lose weight and I can identify them and heal them for you!

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Money & Success

Are you stressed? Stuck in a job you hate? I can help you change them so you begin living the life of your dreams! 
So today is the first step of your new journey where you heal your patterns and the BLOCKS that are BLOCKING your abundance and success…
so you can destress your life totally!

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How I can help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

I am able to heal the flashbacks, dreams and emotions relating to traumatic incidents and then rebuild your positive beliefs. 

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How can I help Children?

I aim to reprogram your child with positive beliefs so they can progress and achieve whatever they wish to achieve!
I can show them simple techniques that they can use to handle day to day problems and ensure that they don’t grow up with the ‘baggage’ that we adults all have!
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What is Psychic Animal Communication?

Wouldn’t you like to know what your pet is thinking or if they have any messages for you?  By tuning in to the animal,
I can telepathically communicate with them and their words are translated into a form I can understand. 
This could be a feeling, a sound, a smell, a sensation, a picture or plain old English words. 
I also psychically tune into the animal’s spirit guides as well where I can get a fuller story and a bigger picture. 
I can work on any behaviour for any animal anywhere in the world!  

Over many years practising animal communication, I have developed unique psychic skills whereby
I can amend the behaviour of an animal (e.g. problems such as barking or lunging) remotely by reprogramming their subconscious.
I have had tremendous success using this method and it is permanent! 
This re-configuration is on-going for a month as part of an Animal Behaviour coaching session.

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How can I work remotely?

Because I can psychically tune in to the areas that need releasing, it is more efficient for me to work either by telephone or Skype. 
This time is spent understanding your needs and in which areas of your life you require healing.  Then, as I work on many different areas,
I use myunique combination of skills, while you are going about your day. 
This is also ideal for you as you won’t have wasted time travelling to appointments and you can work whilst
I am working on you – or you can rest if you prefer and benefit from the additional healing I am sending you!